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Blastistic team consists of enthusiastic entrepreneurs from heart.

Sibendra Mallick aka Panna: CEO and Business Enhancer
He has a passion for executing dreams and helping new businesses to grow. We all know, its very difficult to start a new business, but this guy takes it as challenge and does it "Fod ke". Give him a cheque and he will show ROI.
Sudhanya Mallick aka Tinny: Youtuber and Co Founder
She has experience of 9 years in the field of Information Technology, constantly guiding and helping to grow the business. Traveller - Dancer - Speaker.
Sarvapria Kumaraswamy aka Pria : Business Enhancer
Loves researching on newest marketing trends and the most effective ways of executing marketing strategies. Show her a product/service and she will create a plan to make it visible in the market. Her latest fascination- Video Marketing.
Rani Bangsia aka Rani: Business Enhancer
Never give up attitude is what defines her. Fond of learning new things.
Chandan Deka aka Neo: Business Enhancer
He is a Bachelor in the field of Information Technology, Working hard to grow the business using his skills. Loves adventure specially slacklining and spreads positive vibes all around him.

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